Friday, August 28, 2015

How to get the number most searched brand on ebay in the plus size category at wholesale / closeout. Hint..... it's Torrid!

I was doing a bit of research to see what is currently hot on ebay (as of today 8-28-15).  I looked for the top searched items in the category of "clothing, shoes and acessories" and entered keyword "plus size."  Torrid is the #1 most searched keyword within plus size.

If you're looking for Torrid for wholesale at closeout / liquidation prices we have it!
Bella Anya is currently selling dresses, shorts and pants from Torrid.  Please contact us for a custom order at


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Are you tired of buying wholesale liquidation lots that have been "cherry picked?" Do you have to trash up to 1/3 of a purchased lot due to damages? Can't find Amazon quality lots?

What are your experiences with buying closeouts and liquidations?

One person stated their experience was, "One third we could sell on ebay, one third was ok for selling on Amazon and the final third we had to trash."  Trashing one third is pretty bad in our opinion!

Do you feel your suppliers are "cherry picking" the lots you purchase and you're left with the less than desirable "junk?"

When you buy a lot, (case or box lot, pallet or truckload) how much do you have to throw away due to damages / just pure trashed out items / low quality or undesirable brands?

Do you need clean and pristine items for Amazon with perfect packaging and UPCs but all you find are items with damaged packaging / missing parts / possible minor damages?  Or do your suppliers refuse to work with Amazon sellers?

What if we told you there was a better way?

At Bella Anya we can "cherry pick" the best for you and never even touch the junky items (we never even purchase a single "junk" item).  Everything is branded / designer - if you need Leg Avenue, your entire lot will be Leg Avenue!  If you only want dresses, only tops, only pants we will work with you to accommodate your needs!

When you work this way you never waste your money!  We guarantee all our items.  If you find a damage in a lot that is marked as "first quality" just let us know and we will refund you for the damaged piece.   

If you need Amazon ready items just let us know!  We have had the following brands in the past in perfect pre-packed condition - ready to go with UPCs / clean undamaged packaging:  Leg Avenue leg-wear and costumes, Torrid plus size apparel, Calvin Klein underwear for children, Puma apparel for children and more!

Looking for Ebay items?  No problem - we have lots of great steals and deals and we love to work with small sellers.

We make it easy.  Yes, you can pay by credit card!  No, we don't charge a fee for credit card payments - we pay the fees for you.  No risky wire transfers.  All orders process through a secure website with an SSL and we never have access to your credit card number (all cards are processed securely via  No time consuming paperwork or applications to fill out.  No costly clubs to join.  Just let us know what you would like in your lot and we create it custom for you on our website.  Once your order is ready just click to purchase.  It's as easy as ordering from a regular retail website!  

No, you don't need to buy a pallet or truckload - minimums are small and we ship anywhere in the US.  Never worry about mega MOQ requirement again!  Larger lots are no problem as well.  

Let us help you grow your business!  Gear up for Q4 now!  Contact our sales rep at:

Monday, July 27, 2015

The truth about buying apparel liquidations and closeouts

Have you been "shopping around" for the best deals in apparel closeouts and liquidations?  There are many liquidation companies that carry clothing but they are not all created equal.

For the purpose of comparison we have been doing your homework for you and checked out a few.  We will not mention the names of the other companies here for legal reasons, just the information we discovered.

Company #1:

This company has created a lot of "buzz" among online sellers' communities on facebook, but is it really all it's cracked up to be?  Besides apparel they carry everything from toys to toothbrushes.  Let's take a look at what is available in the apparel category.

There is a photo of a box with a lot number.  The price and quantity is given, in this case 560 units at $4,800.  The percentage off retail is only 59% off.

When you click there are no photos of the items, only a vague description of the types of items such as women's lingerie, skirts, tops etc.  No brands are given.  It is really a mish mash of assorted items. You can get a manifest but you have to contact the company first to see it.  Once you get the manifest it will most likely be a lengthy excel spreadsheet - all text, not photos, a ton of unique items (most likely few or no duplicates which are easy to process) which will be very costly time-wise to process / sort and sell for the average re-seller.

This company has other specialized deals such as special "same item" or "Amazon ready" lots but you have to pay a club membership to have access to them.

Let's review:

When you buy regular wholesale direct from a manufacturer it is usually around 50% off retail (more or less). 59% is not good!  Some of the lots are even as low as 30% off retail, even worse!

Minimums are very high so you will spend a ton of money for items that are not even that discounted.

I do not know what the brands are in this lot but from my experience and what other re-sellers have experienced a department store lot such as "Macy's" lot will have about 90% private label / less desirable brands and only 10% "good designer brands."  This company is not even stating up front where the merchandise is from.  It could be very low end such as KMart, who knows!

Bella Anya:

  • Low minimums and small lots make it easier for the small ebay and Amazon sellers as well as other small business owners.
  • Prices are much lower:  you can buy a tie that retails for $50 for $3!
  • We specialize!  You will not find "junk" electronic items which are most likely damaged customer returns or toys with missing parts.  We only sell apparel and the owner has been in the garment industry in Los Angeles for over 17 years.  
  • Most lots are all one brand.  What you see is what you get!  This cuts down on processing time and some items are available in multiples to save even more time!  
  • Photos and details are available on all items, no boring, lengthy spreadsheets to review!
  • No club fees, no lengthy paperwork, no hassels!
  • Need items for ebay and Amazon, no problem!  We cater to you!  Need items with UPC's? Just let us know!
  • Our process is simple:

  1. Check out our facebook "hot list" here.
  2. Contact us to request a custom order:
  3. Provide a zip code for a shipping quote (US buyers only please).
  4. We create a custom order here for you:
  5. Place your order and pay by credit card
  6. We ship and update with a tracking number
  7. Receive your order!
We pull orders custom to your specifications!  Just need tops, just pants?  Dresses only?  No problem!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The truth about hiring a VA to do your sourcing for Ebay and Amazon part 2

When you hire a VA (virtual assistant) who is based overseas (outside the US) to source Amazon and Ebay products for you where do you think they will look?  Most likely online.  Many apparel sources will have websites but the truth is many rarely update their websites and most websites are only a tiny fraction of what is actually available!  In order to find the best designer and branded apparel closeouts you need to be pounding the pavement, driving to various sources and looking, feeling, touching product in person on a daily / weekly basis.  Good luck getting this from a VA sitting in front of a computer overseas!

We drive all over LA checking our best sources weekly as our sources get new product in daily!  On top of that we will do it for free for you!  Yes, we are searching all of LA's hottest designer apparel manufacturers for the best closeouts and the lowest possible prices.  Stop wasting your money on foreign VA's and get a US apparel sourcing VA for free!  We work for free - all you ever pay for is the cost of the goods + shipping.  No clubs, no membership!  All our lots are 100% brand name or designer items.  All killer, no filler (no cheapy items mixed in)!

Contact us for your own personal apparel sourcing VA at

Monday, July 20, 2015

How to find Puma clothing to sell on Amazon & ebay at wholesale liquidation prices. Puma kids apparel is top ranking on Amazon in hoodies and athletic pants.

Looking for a top ranking item to sell on Amazon?  But you don't want to sell the exact same product but instead "own the buy box" with your own similar product from the same brand?

Check out some of the top ranking Puma products for kids on Amazon as of 7-20-15:

# 9 in boys' athletic pants

#16 in girls' hoodies

We are offering Puma kids athletic pants, hoodies, track suits, track jackets, sets and more for $7 each!  All are new with tags and UPCs.

If a Puma track pant is #9 in boy's athletic pants, it would be logical that other Puma track pants would do well also!  The same could be said for hoodies and other Puma kids apparel.

Please contact us at to order!  These will only last a short time so contact us today!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The truth about hiring a VA to do your sourcing for Ebay and Amazon

After reading The 4-Hour Workweek, everyone is running around trying to find a great VA (virtual assistant) for eCommerce.  Many will assign virtual assistants the task of sourcing.  What is often the case is, VA's who are far away in foreign countries are assisting each other by passing around sources and thus diluting the sale-ability of products for their employers on Amazon and on ebay.  If everyone has the same sources and products how can you compete?  Prices will be pushed down to nothing when the market quickly becomes saturated.

Why even bother paying a VA to source when you can get it for free here in the US?
Yes, there are actually people here in America who will custom source what you need and want for free and who will feel, touch and inspect it in person.  You save on import costs and you will be guaranteed to get only the best brand name and designer apparel products.  

We scout out the best deals for you!  We can get you those $200 dresses sold at Nordstrom for only $11 / piece!  Nordstrom tops can be sourced for as low as $4 / piece.

Let us put our number one apparel buyer to work for you!  Our in house buyer, Anna Hartzog has been working in the Los Angeles apparel industry since 1998 with a background in design and manufacturing.  Our exclusive designer apparel connections make us an unbeatable resource in the closeout and liquidation industry.  

Please contact us at: for all your sourcing needs.
Find us on here on Facebook as well.

Relax, put your feet up!  We'll source it for you!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Victoria's Secret Wholesale Source Supplier Contact Information Liquidation

Everyone is always looking for the one, elusive supplier.  It's such a huge secret, yet no one seems to be able to figure it out!  We at Bella Anya do not currently carry Victoria's Secret wholesale merchandise but we are willing to share our little secret with you!

Here's the scoop:

Wholesale supplier contact information
For Victoria's Secret 
Closeouts / customer returns / liquidations

  • You will receive contact information for a wholesale supplier company which sells lots of Victoria's Secret closeouts / customers returns / liquidations.  
  • We will mail you the contact information.
  • Note: this is for contact information only, which is for sale (not the actual garments).
  • You must have a proper business registration in the USA (such as a DBA or LLC or INC, etc.) and a resale permit issued by your state in order to buy from this company. 
  • This company buys closeout lots directly from Victoria's Secret and then sells them in smaller lots.
  • The items will be defaced (black line through the inner label) or the brand name tag cut off but another tag will remain inside with the RN number.  If you look up the RN number on the government website for RN numbers (google RN number lookup) you will see each item is a "Product of Victoria's Secret."
This is a fantastic and highly sought after source!  It is something many people have been looking for for years as Victoria's Secret products are very popular!

US buyers only please as this is a US company and ships within the US only.

All sales are final.  California residents pay sales tax.  

To purchase, please contact us at: and specify if you would like to make payment via credit card on our website or via paypal.  Price for this contact is $499.99.